Happiness has a source. . .

It is something you can find and amplify. Attaining happiness is a time-tested science that unveils the true source of purpose and joy deep within you. Our mission is to transform and guide individuals using spiritual sciences and medical knowledge to make their lives the happy and sustainable success story of their dreams.



A Time to Talk

We offer mentoring services for those seeking a life coach with spiritual insights into all aspects of life. Blair Lewis has been guiding seekers of health and spiritual wellness for over 30 years. He brings to you his knowledge and clinical experience in holistic medicine for 30 years as a physician assistant and for 17 years as an ordained pandit in the tradition of the Himalayan sages.

• Would you be willing to replace wanting and wishing with having and holding?

• Would you like to manage your stress with sage-like insights and humor?

• Would you be willing to give up struggling and simply learn to stay in the safety and security of the present moment?

Learn more about how you can request a single session or ongoing spiritual guidance as you wish here.

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A Time to Study and Connect

Would you like inspiring stories and practical tools for happiness to come to your email box? By subscribing to Blair’s Blog you will receive the latest posts and access a wealth of knowledge already awaiting you on our site. The blog is a way to learn and connect with others in online classes and live seminars. To subscribe, all you have to do is click and sign up. Welcome!

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A Time to Watch – Videos and Online Classes

We offer free and by subscription videos of classes from the past and future live presentations yet to come. Currently, we have over 50 videos available at our multi-media center on Powhow.com. To take a peek, please go to: http://www.powhow.com/classes/alive-and-healthys-studio

We look forward to seeing you in class!

The Happiness Revolution

The Happiness Revolution by Blair LewisFor executives, baby-boomers and spiritual seekers, this may be the first real guidebook on happiness and rejuvenation for the 21st century. Trained by yogis, pandits and swamis for over 30 years, Blair takes us on a journey with his patients and teachers to find a lifestyle and personal philosophy for lasting happiness.

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