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We are specialists in ‘adult-onset happiness.’ It is the best epidemic of the century.
We are serious professionals dedicated to teaching this science.

Alive and Healthy is a life-long pursuit and it is an Institute.
Happiness is a science, a psychology and a philosophy of living.
You can learn to live a life free from fear and doubt, and minimize illness and pain.
Alive and Healthy is a non-profit online institution here to serve you and yours.

The world is getting messy.
Headlines of hurt and hate come to your inbox daily.
Political and institutional frustration have reached new levels of rage and defiance.
Weapons and bullies are in the hallways of our schools and theaters.

This tide of despair can be turned.
We can change ourselves and our world view.
Alive and Healthy is inviting you to join in on a new conversation about health, healing, spirituality, wellness, community, family values and love.

In our rush to soothe ourselves:
We numb out by watching TV, surfing the web, tweeting our fears.
We legalize marijuana and want to carry our machine guns to the grocery.
Loneliness, fear and depression are found in every neighborhood and worksite.
We see children drinking and sexting at ages way too young, by any standard.

Together we can stop the decline of joy.
Whatever challenges you, there are workable options.
You do not need to numb out.
We all know that giving up is not an option.
But, there are options.

We offer you new conversations, new classes, new books and a whole new way of support.
Our founder, Blair Lewis and the Alive and Healthy team are here to help.
Your solutions can be found online, in class, in person.

We educate and empower by offering:
Homeopathic Educational Consultations
Healthy Lifestyle Plans
Classes and Seminars on Health and Healing for Members

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