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Teachings on Personal Empowerment


The Repo Man (Podcast 85)

We all know the Repo Man as the guy that comes to "re-possess" your stuff... your possessions. In today's podcast, Blair tells a story of the real life Repo Man from his younger days, and the roll of the proverbial Repo Man of Change who may come knocking at your...

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Accept the Good AND the Bad (Podcast 81)

You can have the peace that passes all understanding. There's nothing you have to do to earn it. It's available to us right now. If you want to help others in this world, it is time to reclaim your own joy and be an example of what is possible. Begin by learning to...

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Inner Digestive Fire (Podcast 79)

Using a gentle breathing technique called the Abdominal Lift, or Agni Sara, will stoke the fire of digestion inside you. This fire is not only where we digest our food, but also our thoughts, feelings and emotions. In today's podcast, Blair discusses what happens when...

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The Next Moment (Podcast 78)

Suffering happens when we are stuck between what IS happening and what we WANT to have happen. It is when we can transition from wanting a different situation, to accepting the situation that is, we can then look toward what hasn't happened yet.. the next moment....

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You Have a Choice (Podcast 77)

The basic drives for food, sleep, sex, and self-preservation will always remain part of your experience in one form or another throughout your life, but they don't have to be in the "Driver's Seat." As Blair explains in today's podcast, you have options: [soundcloud...

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Deconstructing Stress (Podcast 76)

Words Images associated with those words Emotions/feelings Sensations When you begin to deconstruct stress down to it's components, this is what you find. Listen to Blair in this week's podcast explain this process of deconstruction and expose the root in which stress...

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