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Quiet vs. Loud (Podcast 61)

The conscience is relatively quiet. The mind on the other hand, is extremely loud, chatty, and obsessive. Sometimes the mind needs strict directions in order to calm down. Its time to lessen our attention to these sneaky habits of our mind, and to start hearing the...

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I Watch the News (Podcast 58)

Go outside, stand on the stoop of your front door, and look around. How are things really? You will probably see that things are actually going well around you right now. In this podcast, Blair shares a new perspective of real vs. "fake" news.  Let this be the...

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Stop Blaming Part 2 (Podcast 57)

What we think caused our problem, probably isn't what actually caused our problem. In Part 2 of Stop Blaming, Blair reminds us that there are endless options when we are trying to decide who is at fault, and none of them really bring you to the outcome of blame you...

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Stop Blaming Part 1 (Podcast 56)

It is very easy to point fingers at others and try to divert attention away from ourselves when our own carelessness has caused a some sort of disorder in our life. Maybe it’s time to stop blaming and instead start nurturing our ability to respond… our responsibility....

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Do We Really Have Time to Hate? (Podcast 55)

In this week’s Podcast, Blair recalls a story from his friend Fr. Joe Pereira on a conversation between Mother Teresa and some reporters. The story may be one you have heard before, but it’s a good reminder for us to contemplate in our daily lives: [soundcloud...

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I Knew That (Podcast 54)

Part of the path to a sustainable society is abundant kindness. Listen to this week’s podcast from Blair where he reframes what seems to be a small, maybe even mundane part of daily conversation between two co-workers or two family members, into a conscious act of...

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Can You Turn Up the Quiet? (Podcast 53)

Today, the voice of our ego has become so loud, that we can no longer hear our true voice, the voice of our conscience. But there is always hope! Because happiness never leaves us, all we need is a guide to show us how to turn down the noise of the ego. As a result,...

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