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Stealing the Future (Podcast 92)

In pondering ways to live a more inspired life, today Blair discusses the act of theft and it's effect on us all. Stealing in the most obvious sense, like a wallet or a store item, to stealing more ambiguous things like time or natural resources. Please ponder and...

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Breathing Away Momentum (Podcast 90)

If you've ever witnessed a shocking sight, or experienced a startling event, you may have noticed a shortening of your breath pattern. The first 24 hours after such an event is the best time to sit down and pay attention to your breath while working on re-lengthening...

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Sometimes the Answer is “Know” (Podcast 89)

  In seeking healing, wholeness, or happiness we have a tendency to rush.  We have expectations about what these things are supposed to look like, and expectations about what time frame they are supposed to present themselves.  Sometimes total healing is not always an...

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A Complete Failure (Podcast 88)

Just when you thought it was time to throw in the towel; to throw your hands in the air and surrender it all to the total fiasco that is your day, your year, your life... remember it is in these times of stumbling that we have the biggest opportunities for growth,...

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What Other Choice Do We Have (Podcast 87)

In order to realize our happiness, to uncover what already resides inside of us, unconditional acceptance is required.  We need to put all our cards on the table, from everything we love about our life to all the parts we hope no-one else notices.  All our creativity...

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Confusion Drains Your Brain (Podcast 86)

Did you know that the brain burns a lot of energy in the form of calories and uses a lot of oxygen in comparison to its size and other parts of our body? This is why you can be sitting at a desk all day solving problems, expending almost no physical exertion, and feel...

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The Repo Man (Podcast 85)

We all know the Repo Man as the guy that comes to "re-possess" your stuff... your possessions. In today's podcast, Blair tells a story of the real life Repo Man from his younger days, and the roll of the proverbial Repo Man of Change who may come knocking at your...

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