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Teachings on Personal Empowerment


Stop Blaming Part 1 (Podcast 56)

It is very easy to point fingers at others and try to divert attention away from ourselves when our own carelessness has caused a some sort of disorder in our life. Maybe it’s time to stop blaming and instead start nurturing our ability to respond… our responsibility....

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Do We Really Have Time to Hate? (Podcast 55)

In this week’s Podcast, Blair recalls a story from his friend Fr. Joe Pereira on a conversation between Mother Teresa and some reporters. The story may be one you have heard before, but it’s a good reminder for us to contemplate in our daily lives: [soundcloud...

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I Knew That (Podcast 54)

Part of the path to a sustainable society is abundant kindness. Listen to this week’s podcast from Blair where he reframes what seems to be a small, maybe even mundane part of daily conversation between two co-workers or two family members, into a conscious act of...

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Can You Turn Up the Quiet? (Podcast 53)

Today, the voice of our ego has become so loud, that we can no longer hear our true voice, the voice of our conscience. But there is always hope! Because happiness never leaves us, all we need is a guide to show us how to turn down the noise of the ego. As a result,...

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Look In Your Back Pocket (Podcast 51)

Every human being has everything they need to have a happy fulfilling life, however, we have to know where to look.  Listen here as Blair sets up the ground work for a new life changing philosophy, and then tune in next week to hear how to put this philosophy into...

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The Warehouse of the Mind (Podcast 50)

The unconscious mind is vast and mysterious. We may never fully comprehend or understand this part of ourselves. However, it always gives us hints and clues that it still exists and is always influencing us. In this story, Blair talks about how our warehouse in the...

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The 4th Component of the Mind (Podcast 49)

The first three components of the mind are: The Importer/Exporter The Ego The Enlightened Intellect  The fourth component of the mind is the massive Warehouse, which stores every experience and memory we have ever had. This warehouse also holds all the experiences...

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Default Qualities of Every Mind (Podcast 48)

There 6 qualities to every mind that most of us are unaware of. We don't have to earn these qualities, because they are inherent in all of us. Some of these qualities might surprise you, and as soon as you hear them, they start to manifest. They inspire us, give us...

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There’s a Change in Seasons (Podcast 47)

Nope, I am not talking about the weather changes. We has human beings have our own cycle of seasons that we go through every 24 hours. In the same way that no one complains about the lack of snow in the middle of July, we can learn to be indifferent to the different...

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