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You Are Something Greater (Podcast 66)

You are something greater than your temporary thoughts, mind and body. In order to understand this “something greater,” you need to experience it in a tangible way. If your identity becomes more based in “something greater,” than in that which is fleeting, the result...

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Mind the Collector (Podcast 64)

Why do we hold on to our stories of misery? And what roll does our mind play in our attachment to these stories? Sorting things out using our conscience invites a new perspective. Listen to Blair here in this week's podcast: [soundcloud...

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The Story of Freedom (Podcast 63)

The story of freedom is the memory that self-improvement is possible. It's the primordial memory that things can be better than they are now in our lives. In today's podcast, Blair discusses the drive for self-improvement and where it originates:   [soundcloud...

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40 Days or 4 Years (Podcast 62)

There are a lot of valid self-improvement plans that can be very helpful, but a lot of the time we don’t fully understand the time commitment they will take to complete. It may take 6 months or longer to complete a 40 day self-improvement program. Why? Listen to...

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Quiet vs. Loud (Podcast 61)

The conscience is relatively quiet. The mind on the other hand, is extremely loud, chatty, and obsessive. Sometimes the mind needs strict directions in order to calm down. Its time to lessen our attention to these sneaky habits of our mind, and to start hearing the...

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I Watch the News (Podcast 58)

Go outside, stand on the stoop of your front door, and look around. How are things really? You will probably see that things are actually going well around you right now. In this podcast, Blair shares a new perspective of real vs. "fake" news.  Let this be the...

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Stop Blaming Part 2 (Podcast 57)

What we think caused our problem, probably isn't what actually caused our problem. In Part 2 of Stop Blaming, Blair reminds us that there are endless options when we are trying to decide who is at fault, and none of them really bring you to the outcome of blame you...

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