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Teachings on Personal Empowerment


Time Factors (Podcast 75)

There will never be a time when it will not be 'now.' When you have a story in your imagination about the wonderful (or terrible) day that you are going to have next Thursday, you are not here in the 'now.' By doing this, you need to turn your attention away from...

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What Really Matters (Podcast 74)

Years ago, when Blair lived in Africa, the people would invite him to their homes saying, "You are welcome!" They asked from their hearts, and genuinely welcomed him into their space. Listen as Blair discusses the lessons he learned from this profound experience:...

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Are You Feeling Stuck? (Podcast 72)

When we are stuck, we are forced to focus on the tiniest parts of our lives that we don't want or we don't like. In narrow, tight places, all other options seem unlikely... Today Blair discusses how we can simply move out of the spaces in which we feel most stuck:...

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Not Sin, But Sustainability (Podcast 71)

Our behaviors should not be chosen based on the questions of "is acting this way good" or "is acting this way bad," rather the question should be about sustainability. What does this mean? Listen to today's podcast to hear more: [soundcloud...

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All Problems Are Memories (Podcast 70)

Sounds a little strange, doesn't it?  How can my problem be a memory?  In today's clip, Blair shines a fresh perspective on our perception of what problems are, and the roll that our memories and imagination play in our "problem".  After hearing this, the next problem...

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My Definition of Love (Podcast 69)

If you have a desire for someone to change, even if that desire has a very good intention behind it of health or success, it means you are not fully accepting who that person is right now in this moment. What does love mean, if not acceptance? At this point in his...

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Mind Body Connection (Podcast 68)

Discussion about the mind body connection is very popular today, but what is it really? What does it mean, and what facilitates the connection? In today's podcast, Dr. Oswald and Blair shed a lot of light on the topic, and you may be pleasantly surprised with the...

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Desert Storm (Podcast 67)

Dear Friends of Alive and Healthy, Today's audio podcast is a reading of Desert Storm -- a short essay I wrote over the weekend. As you may know, we are giving away (while supplies last) free copies of The Happiness Revolution. Before people toss me into that cesspool...

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You Are Something Greater (Podcast 66)

You are something greater than your temporary thoughts, mind and body. In order to understand this “something greater,” you need to experience it in a tangible way. If your identity becomes more based in “something greater,” than in that which is fleeting, the result...

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