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Do you feel stuck?


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Online Courses

Let’s get you back to the basics of happiness

I’m having trouble turning things around.

I just don’t seem to have the energy I need.

I feel entirely overwhelmed all the time.

People are struggling with fear, pain, grief and sadness.


At Alive & Healthy, we have resources that help people find peace, freedom, happiness and joy.


Our students, course participants, book readers and audiobook listeners find real life solutions and real health.

What People Are Saying About Alive & Healthy

“You could choose any random page in The Happiness Revolution, and you will find a valuable hack that will brighten your day or streamline your access to joy.”

Grant Rettke
“Working with Blair in my one-on-one mentoring sessions has helped me open my mind on how I view myself and how to turn my dreams into reality. I can't thank him enough.”

Chris Gill
“I've really enjoyed and benefited knowing Blair over the last 25 years. His mentoring has been very helpful for both myself and my family. I enjoy reading his books, attending his classes and being a monthly member of the Alive & Healthy community.”

Jerry Anderson
“Mentoring is a lovely thing with Blair because he makes clear that the process is not psychotherapy. He meets you right where you are now, and helps you understand how to move forward. He's the guide we all need for the most difficult journeys.”

Laurie Anderson
“For more than 10 years, I have studied with Blair, taken his courses, and read his books. He has given me new perspectives and solutions, specifically in the areas of relaxation, diet, and contemplation…and they continue to work for me every day.”

Varuna Singh
“When I took Reclaiming Your Joy, every video helped me learn to laugh at myself and let go of my stress. It has become a guidebook of health and happiness that changed my life, empowered my family and strengthened my relationships with the people I love and work with. I think it's the key to helping our communities, our society, and our world… and it starts because it's going to help YOU. Don't pass up the opportunity to have this resource in your life. It's really priceless.”

Danielle Ruffalo

Education and Empowerment

Online Courses

Study with Blair – one of the leading experts in ‘adult-onset happiness.’ Blair uses ancient wisdom, science, humor and his 35+ years of clinical expertise to inspire and uplift you.


Blair’s one-on-one mentoring sessions equip you with simple, practical ways to move past problems and hang-ups and maximize your potential, productivity, and impact.


Audio and print versions are available for Blair’s The Happiness Revolution, Happiness: The Real Medicine, and The Dynamics of Meditation.