When healing pain and sorrow seems like an impossible dream…

A clear, calm and joyous mind is the ultimate pain reliever.

You can have access to dormant courage and insights
you didn’t know you had.

With our process, you can access those insights that will help you achieve your goals and love your life.

Let us show you how.

Many people struggle with fear and doubt about the direction of their lives.
We have a process that helps you access dormant courage and insights you didn’t know you had. Once you have access, you can achieve your goals and love your life.

Courage, creativity and compassion are the consistent outcomes of our program.
You can live a courageous and confident life, and be truly alive and healthy.

It’s possible… join us!

Education & Empowerment



Blair’s one-on-one mentoring sessions equip you with simple, practical ways to move past problems and hang-ups and maximize your potential, productivity, and impact.

Classes & Seminars

Study with Blair – one of the leading experts in ‘adult-onset happiness.’ Blair uses ancient wisdom, science, humor and his 35+ years of clinical expertise to inspire and uplift you on your worst day.


This is your passport to a new world of science, sustainability and spirituality. Gain 24-hour access to our online living guidebook on health, happiness and rejuvenation.

Why This Matters

The world is getting messy.
The daily headlines of hurt and hate can be managed in new ways.

The tide of despair can be turned.
Alive and Healthy’s Work-Life Balance will give you new ways to process and respond.

Numbing out doesn’t work…and it doesn’t last.
Soon you will no longer try escaping by zoning out in front of the TV, surfing the web, or by using substances to dull your emotions.

We can change ourselves and our world view.
Alive and Healthy invites you to a new conversation via classes, mentoring and fellowship.

Loneliness, fear and depression are found in every neighborhood and worksite.
Stand-up, Sign-up and Move-up!

Together we can stop the decline of joy.
Alive and Healthy Welcomes You!

Find YOUR Solution

Now, it’s your turn.

Take the next step toward healing pain and sorrow.

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