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About Alive & Healthy

Alive & Healthy is a community of seekers looking for new conversations and teachings on personal empowerment that cross the religious, political and socioeconomic boundaries of our globe. For those desiring to relate to their healthcare, their faith and their family in fresh new ways, we offer the resources to explore personal transformation through the spiritual sciences and social service to humanity.

We are raising the bar on the depth and breadth of spirituality in daily life. This is a path of empowerment and personal responsibility for those who want to live an authentic undivided life, of being who you are 24 hours a day.

As an online community, we focus on healing the disconnects in our life through inner work and fellowship. Fears and failures are not viewed as foes, but rather as friends that serve as powerful guides to redirect our lives towards greater wholeness.

We have no desire to fix you, judge you or save you. We offer you space to explore the inner landscape of your life in a manner that reveals the self-evident truths and unlimited powers of the mind and soul. Skillful action and insight are the keys to this real and sustainable change in your life. This gentle transformation is supported by new dietary choices, healthier sleep patterns, meditation practices, relaxation exercises, inspired fellowship and self-study.

“An unexamined life is not worth living.” — Socrates

Self-reflection will help you build a bridge between your highest intentions and your darkest moments. Carelessness from unexamined thoughts, feelings and desires is the most common gateway to illness and suffering. As you start to realize the relationship and impact your lifestyle habits have on your health and happiness, then change becomes easier, and eventually arises spontaneously.

The Beginning

Alive & Healthy is a non-profit organization that was founded by Blair Lewis in 2002. It was born from the desire to build a bridge between Science and Spirituality that would connect Eastern and Western philosophies and therapies to help people blossom instead of wilt from the changes and challenges they face everyday.

Evolving from over forty years of practicing meditation and the yogic sciences, Blair brings forth the essence of his life work by inspiring everyone to leave behind the passive life of blame and watching life from the bleachers. It is time for all of us to become an engaged participant in the quality of our life and our world. Responsibility means ‘able to respond’ and you can do just that – respond to life’s challenges with joy, courage and compassionate action. It is time and it’s your turn.


Knowledge as Medicine

We also work in conjunction with Knowledge as Medicine to bring you the most finely tuned experiential programs on:

  • health & wellness
  • diet & nutrition
  • happiness & success
  • brain health & neuroplasticity