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Blair LewisTheresa Oswald, MD

Theresa Oswald, M.D., the founder and president of Knowledge as Medicine, has practiced holistic medicine for over 25 years. She received her Doctorate of Medicine from The Medical College of Wisconsin and completed her residency training at The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago at Northwestern University. Her career as a physiatrist has been spent honing ways to optimize her patient’s function in all areas of health: body, mind and spirit. Her experience includes the delivery of medicine in the most modern hospital settings as well as in the most simple, rural settings in developing countries.


Dr. Oswald served as the chairman of the Physical Medicine & Rehab Unit at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas and was an attending physician. Recently she has moved to Ohio to develop new programs and services as a leading lecturer in the fields of integrative medicine and physiatry. She contributes to blogs on the subjects of wellness and integrative medicine. Dr. Oswald is a mom, a wife, a physician and a life-long practitioner of the yogic sciences.


Blair Lewis

For over 40 years Mr. Lewis has been practicing Classical Homeopathy, Ayurveda, herbal medicine and spiritual counseling. As an Integrative Health Professional, he helps people with chronic diseases regain their health, and helps healthy folks stay well and become happier.

As founder of the Alive and Healthy Institute, Blair is a dynamic, insightful speaker and author of five books, including The Happiness Revolution. Blair focuses his time on writing, teaching, consulting businesses, and mentoring individuals worldwide in all areas of health and spirituality.