If we are really going to regain our courage and confidence, we will need to acknowledge some irrefutable facts about our relationship with our mind:

1. We are heavily dependent upon our mind until we step back and acknowledge our own existence.

2. The mind is the center of our world until we learn to relax past it.

3. We actively refuse to listen to the guidance of our own conscience.

4. We cannot think our way out of a prison made of thoughts, and yet we try to do just that.

Our reluctance to embrace and embody the wisdom of our conscience can be solved and resolved. Gaining freedom from our old mind and staying true to our new forward momentum requires vigilance and inspired fellowship. This is very important because our loyalty to our painful past and distorted self-identity is much stronger than we imagined.

To succeed in life, we will need to simplify our life by protecting our mind and senses from useless damage and distractions.