Fear is the cheapest room in the house.
I’d rather see you in better living conditions.
—Hafiz, Persian poet, 1315-1390

Today, Blair helps us acknowledge that most of us are already out of our comfort zone. Many teachers of self-improvement in the years past have encouraged their students to step up and get out of our “comfort zone.” Blair believes most of us are already there or beyond.

The Next Zone can be the solution to our fears of the day.

In business, it is called “The Zone of Proximal Development,” which Danny Iny or Mirasee.com defines as, “the area that’s beyond what you can do alone, but where you can perform successfully with the help or guidance of a coach or teacher.”

If fear is the cheapest room in the house….

Rather than paying for coaching, Blair offers up the most affordable (cheapest solution) to fear…take a listen: