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We are Unfamiliar With Ourselves (Podcast 103)

Blair starts this week by stating that we don’t really understand our true human nature. This is why we continue to get caught in cycles of suffering. Once we know our true nature, our great clarity and our peacefulness, we recognize that we need to organize our lives...

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Freedom In This World, Not From It (Podcast 101)

We are social scientists that are trying to make it through this world in a way that uplifts us, and that resolves that which other techniques couldn't resolve. There is no need to escape and there is no escape... we have to go through this. Why not go through it...

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Happy New Year! Welcome To 2018 (Podcast 100)

Today is Blair’s 100th podcast. A great way to start the New Year! Blair reflects on future systems of healthcare, wondering “what do we call the healthcare that joins together your body, mind and soul?” To answer this question he explores the meaning and potential of...

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Healing Pain & Sorrow (Podcast 96)

Today, Blair begins to discuss the idea that pain is caused by the resistance or disruption of flow.  Flow of energy in your body, flow of events throughout your day, flow of what you expected to happen versus what actually did happened. All of these disruptions of...

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Learn To Differ Well (Podcast 94)

With Thanksgiving at our doorstep, and a number of holiday gatherings with co-workers, family and friends sprinkled throughout the coming weeks, it may be uncomfortable for you to consider all the conversations you will be having with people who have very different...

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