The world is knocking at your door. Constantly. Friends and intruders want your attention.  But, so does your job.


To stem the tide of huge losses in productivity, companies and families are making new rules: Screenless meals. Ring & Bing free meetings. No texting while driving. No typing while typing.


The goal of these new rules: Focus.


Focused attention gets the job done.  Productivity and creativity suffer when workers, students and executives live in a state of constant high alertness to sudden bursts of data-streaming.  Surface disruptions prevent any access to depth, to deep thinking, to reflection and integration.  Oceanic minds of vision and revelation cannot live in the shallow waters of rings and bings of smartphones, pagers, ipods, and ipads.


Focusing the mind involves a systematic formula of philosophy and purpose, food for neurotransmitters, specific breath patterns, and targeted time limits. When one learns to prioritize the hour or the day, eat for brilliance, use the breath to stabilize the mind and use the clock to keep returning back to home base – such focus makes the day happier and healthier, while productivity rebounds from the ditches of distractions.


Keep your job. Learn to focus.

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