Today I sat observing my mind.

Constantly, I had to start over.


Every time the mind projected a fantasy, I got engrossed and believed it to be real.  So real that I did not want to leave before it was over.


I started again.


The movie screen of my mind flickered with full-length feature films, some brief vignettes, and trailers of coming attractions.


My body flinched and shuddered during the scary parts, my emotions were in full play.


It was so realistic, but in truth, it was pure fantasy and historical fiction.


It was quite a scene.


Consider how powerfully the images of the mind influence our self-confidence, our physical and mental health, and our relationships with others …and especially our relationship with ourselves.


And most of these images in our mind play out at an unconscious or pre-conscious level, thus we make decisions without knowing the source of our likes and dislikes.


We reach out for comfort foods, drinks or cigarettes without knowing why we feel the need to be comforted.


This condition is popular and common.


For thirty-seven years I have been training to be a Seer – one who can see through the mirage of the mind; one who can see what lies beyond the mind.


This can only be done with a clear, calm and tranquil mind; without this, we will believe the movies until the lights go on.


We must stop complaining about the show and look for the light switch.


Did someone just yell, “Found it!”?

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