I had a paper cut on my index finger. It hurt, it bled, the body repaired the error. My biology made no attempts to guilt-trip me for my hurriedness, which caused the injury. It just fixed me and moved on. Nothing personal.


The consciousness that animates our mind and body is also the director of health and healing. No matter how many times in 60 years I caught the flu, tripped on the soccer ball, or worked too late into the night – the forces of repair and recovery were always there. Making me whole again and never hinting that I should not ‘over-do’ again. Unconditional acceptance.


I go silent the next morning sitting for meditation – the only skill I have for consistent wholeness and happiness – my mind goes quiet as my conscience comes forward. I contemplate a more skillful new day, this further calms my mind before I meditate on ancient mantras. My ego-mind of memories cherishes fault and blame, but to the consciousness that watches over me, ignoring all my merits and demerits, its nothing personal.