Many people are looking for life solutions in our troubled world.
In mentoring sessions, Blair shows simple, practical ways to move past your problems and hangups to help you maximize your potential, productivity, and impact.

What to Expect

Virtual Sessions

Most people are missing out on the richness of daily life because their attention is dragged to a regret-filled past or a worrisome future. One-on-one mentoring sessions support a journey back to the present moment where choice and wellness live.

Blair offers mentoring over the phone and online. You can request a single session or ongoing guidance as you wish. These sessions are an open forum for you to ask any questions and raise any concerns that are meaningful to you.

Practical Applications

Change happens in an instant, but it can take years for you to finally arrive at that moment. The wait time for drastic barrier-busting change can be shortened, streamlined and sped-up with wisdom guided insights and ideas.

Like any journey, you will have to take the first step, but it helps to have someone who has already traveled this path — who can help you find shortcuts and avoid pitfalls along the way.

Unleashing your true potential is your choice, your call, your decision. Mentoring is the fellowship hall of supportive discussions, brainstorming of new ideas, decommissioning of useless habits, and the birthing of heart healing insights into relationships and goals. A purpose-filled life has beckoned to you since the day you were born.

Real Life Solutions

First we make up a story about our life. Then we believe it. Then we change the way we live and act as a result of our own fictional fantasies.

Our stories are created by the perceptions we have of our world, many of which are unconscious. Through mentoring, a safe space is created to examine these previously unexamined perceptions and rewrite the story.

You can learn to live a life free from fear and doubt, and minimize illness and pain. Mentoring is the environment where you learn how to access and optimize your own internal resources. Stress mastery is not only knowing how your body works from the perspective of positive psychology, but also learning the wellness strategies needed for your mind and body. Life can get better. Action is needed. Independence fostering support is available.

Here’s what Blair brings to each mentoring session:

  • • Piercing insights for maximizing human potential
  • • Nourishment from the stream of persistent positive thought
  • • Breakthrough strategies to ease suffering
  • • Humorous reflections
  • • Tender embracing of the heartaches in life
Online Mentoring with Blair Lewis

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Prelude to Mentoring - use plus sign (right) to learn more

To achieve happiness, you must find people who have attained a level of joy that supersedes all others. He says that it begins with the company of mentors and coaches who have achieved the goal that you are now pursuing.


During that time, the seeker of happiness may start to wonder why those who perform good actions appear to suffer throughout life, while selfish people appear to be happy and successful. These momentary glimpses can mislead you if you are unable to gain the counsel of wise mentors. That is why coming into the company of the wise is a critical juncture in the evolution of your journey. Through this relationship, your knowledge begins to mature as your mentors broaden your self-understanding.

You attain complete liberation from the tyranny of your mind when you realize that your essential nature is indestructible. Then the habit of uselessly defending yourself diminishes.


The knowledge you are seeking can only be revealed with an inward, one-pointed mind. There is no other way, because it has to come from within you. That is why many ancient texts cheer your efforts, saying “Look within; Seek within; Find within!” No one outside of you can prove your existence to you.

The Role of Mentoring in Life - use plus sign (right) to learn more

Sometimes you can get stuck in your ‘personal growth routines’ and doubt their usefulness.

You need to connect with someone objective and uncontaminated by your personal history; someone who is able to see the missing link and help you connect the dots in your life’s journey.

Negative self-talk can become so loud and persistent, it almost seems believable. If you cannot overturn such a conversation, seek fellowship of anyone who is more free of the mind than you are at that moment.

If you are reading these words, you are sincerely looking for guidance and insights that are not co-dependent nor untested. You are evolving to a level of needlessness where you no longer wish to use objects or others to feel better, or safe, or successful. Soon these qualities will come from inside you. They will become your foundation for functioning in life.

Your daily setbacks and challenges will seem less intense and much less interesting. Service will become your highest joy, and this active compassion will be revealed in the hearts of those of you who are able to rise above their limiting thoughts, feelings and desires. This is the movement from protection to connection… from me to we… from us to all.

You can attain a higher level of freedom and fulfillment, and live a life of love, truth, courage, and connection.

  • Would you be willing to replace wanting and wishing with having and holding?
  • Would you like to manage your stress with sage-like insights and humor?
  • Would you be willing to give up struggling and simply learn to stay in the safety and security of the present moment?

Unexamined thoughts and actions will keep you helplessly repeating that which you no longer wish to do.


Repairing the Disconnect - use plus sign (right) to learn more

Often, there is a serious disconnect between one’s personal goals and the actions of everyday life.  I am here to support you in bringing awareness to the more subtle aspects of your actions and goals. My guidance for you will be based on what has helped me, what I have learned from my teachers, and what can be verified through personal practice and exploration.

It may be interesting for you to know that I still actively study with a living teacher and continue my own lifelong inward journey. Three sentences have changed and challenged my life for over 30 years. I recite them daily in my mind, my breath, my life, and my work:

  • The removal of fear is the most lofty spiritual act.
  • Self-esteem is a person’s greatest wealth.
  • Humanitarian service is the greatest form of worship.


Blair Lewis

Blair is an author, integrative health professional and mentor for personal transformation. For over 30 years he has been sharing solutions for life’s pains and losses in a style of satire, truth, tenderness and eye-popping insights. His wealth of knowledge on suffering and how to recover from a total collapse of trust, health and loving relationships will inspire you and steady you.

A leader of enduring love for all who feel afraid and threatened by life’s tragedies and losses, Blair invites you into his heart of hearts through online classes, mentoring and blogging.


Homeopathic & Wellness Consults

  • Sessions approximately 60 minutes


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