The Dynamics of Meditation (Audio Course)

Audio Course


Why meditate?  Probably, because we have no choice.  The stress levels of today and the numberless ailments caused by stress are undermining our ability to enjoy life.

Meditation is the solution, the cure and the prevention.  This “cure” frees us from the physiological reactions to stress in our body, while simultaneously re-educating us on how to deal better with the life we live.  Meditation helps us re-establish the sacred link between our mind and heart, our heart and lungs, our inner life and our outward life.  Our problems begin when this link, this connection with our own true Reality, is ignored.

What are we ignoring?  What sets off a chain of reactions in our mind and body that completely disrupts our day?

According to yoga science, happiness is achieved by controlling the modifications of the mind.  These modifications are the common distortions in our thinking that make us feel alone and isolated.  In such a state of deprivation, the slightest hint that we may lose what we have, or not gain what we are seeking, can be terribly stressful.

When our mind is functioning properly, we feel and recognize our connectedness with a Higher Reality that is not subject to death, decay or destruction.  In this identity, the constant ebb and flow of daily life can never threaten our joy.

This self-recognition or self-realization of a Higher Reality becomes self-evident simply by looking for it.  Once you see it, you will never not see it.  Re-establishing this sacred link is the goal of meditation. The Dynamics of Meditation, by Blair Lewis, is your introduction.

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Publisher: Alive & Healthy Institute Press
Language: English


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